Just because it is the kind of thing that is done, here is a page about the creator of the web site, me.

More precisely, about the idea behind it. Thus the title of this web page: "Genesis."

Maybe just a little about me as well. We shall see. The picture right there (or left there?) should give you a bit of a hint as to one of my main preoccupations for the past few years. Yep. Birds. That fascination was brought on more by interacting with them and other things in nature through the other love: photography.
It was the photography that begat the name for the site itself. What would I rather be doing instead of sitting at my office desk up to 14 hours a day? "I'd rather be a photographer." was the easy answer. With the tough competition out there in the photography world, the shear lack of time I have to do it restricts my chances to quit my day (and often night) job. Catch 22.

So, to get some of my stuff out there I started the site to get a foothold and to share images with family and friends. It also became a place to keep track of the varieties of birds I was beginning to discover. The number was growing fast the more I got a day or two to run out to the beach or trudge through a swamp in the middle of July. Sure, it was 108 degrees but I wasn't behind a desk for the day. You pick.

As you can see by selecting different galleries on the site, the bird section is the largest. Many photos are for identification purposes. Some I actually think are pretty good. Since we received a 3 MB digital camera in mid-2004 I have amassed thousands more photos. A few of those have made it on the site but most still have to be processed and either added to existing pages or made to replace less spectacular shots.
While I squeeze in new images when I can, have a look around at the current photos. Stop back from time to time and hope for something new.

Most importantly, thanks for spending YOUR valuable time looking around. I hope you find something to inspire you or to help you enjoy the world around us all.

Andrew Boyle -- 7/28/05