There are many, many sites I visit in any week. Here are some favorites. Many even happen to be friends.

Birding Links

| Wekiva Basin Banding Station: Where I spend my Sundays.
| Many photos from Sundays are mine.
| One of my favorite Bird Cams.
| All the way from Oklahoma!
| And Pat's friend Terri has another cam I visit.
| Also in Oklahoma!

Photography Links

| Cindy is crazy about photography and birds.
| She also can knit you a web site or take you on birding tours.
| A most excellent web friend way up in Green Bay, WI.
| Peg specializes in weather shots but also takes great general photos.

Music Links

| Chalkhills is THE place for XTC info.
| Join us. JOIN usssssss...
| And one of the main voices for XTC?
| Mr. Andy Partridge, of course!
| You also need some They Might Be Giants.
| Really you do...